Vision/Twist Blinds

As a leading supplier of excellent blinds in West Yorkshire, Euro Blinds provides exclusive materials and immaculate fittings to suit any kind of property. Our vision/twist blinds are constructed of two sliding layers of cloth divided into horizontal stripes, allowing you to adjust the quantity of colour or light in the space at all times.

Vision/twist blinds’ all-around versatility allows them to be put as a standalone window treatment or in conjunction with curtains. In either case, our made-to-measure service provides you with bespoke vision blinds/twist blinds that are properly designed to fit your window, avoiding the chance of purchasing the incorrect size.

Whether you want a modern set of shades to add colour to your interior or to improve light and privacy levels in your home, vision/twist blinds provide both functionality and style.

Why Choose Vision Blinds?
  • Vision blinds are becoming increasingly popular; yet, many customers have yet to hear of them, making this sort of blind rather unusual.
  • Vision blinds help keep your home warm in the winter and reflect heat in the summer. Vision Blinds naturally trap and retain heat between these two layers of material, allowing you to keep your room warm or chilly depending on the season.
  • Vision blinds are a completely adaptable choice, with millimetre changes available.
  • When you fully close the Vision blinds, you will have complete privacy in your house.
  • Their ingenious design allows you to enjoy natural lighting while maintaining complete privacy. - You can select to have the blinds entirely open, fully closed, or anywhere in between.
  • Vision blinds come in a variety of textures and colours, and they can even be motorised. They're a go-to window decorating for making a statement in any room of the home!