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    Blind Repairs

    When buying Blinds our customers are getting the benefit of over 25 years experience in the supply, manufacture and installation of all types of Blinds.Even with our reliable range of Window Blinds we understand that occasionally, due to high usage and natural wear and tear, your Blinds may need to be repaired or refurbished. We also understand the many differing types of window blinds and systems on the market and have come across most, if not all of them in our experience. We are, therefore, very likely to be able to support you with any repairs or spare parts you may need.

    We carry an extensive range of spare parts for most types of window blinds and this, combined with our experience, could save you from the expense and inconvenience of replacing an entire system.If we can’t find a part for your particular system then we will let you know exactly what alternatives are available and what your best options are – all you need to do is ask.

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    Our consultation covers everything we need to find you the perfect blinds, from interior decor and fabric ideas to tracks, functionality, fit and budget. Call us 0800 310 1310 now or book your consultation above.