What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are made from a single piece of fabric and designed to fold up into neat pleats when raised. The cord connects to mounting slats that pull them together for that stylish contemporary look.

One of the benefits of Roman Blinds is that it can be made from different types of fabrics and The Curtain Boutique offers an extensive variety, from fire-retardants to anti-staining, sheer to dim-out & blackout, to suit all your interior styling needs.

With the range of materials, it enables Roman Blinds to cater to all budgets as affordability can be adjusted with the choice of fabrics.

Recommended Usage of Roman Blinds

To accentuate the spaciousness of a wide area such as the living room, Roman blinds made from sheer fabrics allow the most sunlight to pass through while offering a moderate amount of privacy.

Dim-out or blackout fabrics enhances privacy and are usually installed in bedrooms, where blocking out stray light makes for a good restful sleep.

As Roman Blinds take up considerably less space than traditional drapery, they are ideal for inner frame mounting, especially for smaller windows.